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Pricing is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your best friend as well as the condition of its coat.  We’ll discuss all of this in your initial consultation so there’s no surprises.

As a guide:

  • Puppies groom will cost 30€
  • Small dog breeds (up to 5 kilo) start from 60€ for a full groom
  • Medium breeds (up to 15 kilo) start from 70€ for a full groom
  • Large dog breeds (up to 40 kilo)  start from 90€ for a full groom
  • Giant breeds (50+ kilo) start from 110€ for a full groom
  • Hand stripping - due to the extra time required for this type of grooming, prices start from 70€
  • Cat grooming - short hair cats groom - 60€, long-hair breeds groom - 70€
  • If your friend has a lot of tangles, we reserve a right to add + 20€ for de-tangling
  • If your pet is agressive or naughty, we reserve a right to cancel the appointment with a service price adjustment

I started providing services in September 2023 and am expanding the range of services every day. Ask me if there is anything not listed here, for example, SPA services for your cat and dog!


I do everything with great love for all animals


 My main value is not to over-stress your pet


Professional, safe and everyday better services

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