Hygiene protocol

Welcome to the Grooming Salon "Fluffy Paw" by Honden&Katten Trimmer Vera Beliavsky! To ensure the good hygiene, I follow the next Hygiene Protocol.

• Before the session begins, the pet owner provides information about your pet's vaccinations, illnesses, allergies, and your phone number/email address.

• Cats and Dogs are checked for skin conditions at the beginning of the appointment.

• The number of Cats and Dogs present in the salon at any time is limited (maximum 2).

• Cats and Dogs are washed using professional shampoo and conditioner.

• The washing area is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned after each use.

• During and after grooming, the fur is cleaned up and disposed of in a sealed trash can, which is emptied at least twice a day.

• The grooming table is cleaned and disinfected after each use.

• Scissors used are also disinfected after every grooming session.

• Multiple sets of brushes and clipper heads are available.

• For the hygienic cleaning of ear flaps/eyes and dental cleaning, I always use disposable instruments and materials. 

• Hair caught in the wheels of the stools is regularly removed.

• The salon is hygienically cleaned at the end of the day with disinfectant cleaners (Dettol hygiene), specifically for the grooming salon.

Personal hygiene is also very important and is maintained through:

• Washing hands with disinfectant soap/gel.

• Wearing clean professional shoes/clothing/aprons.

• Using latex gloves/face masks.

I ask you to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. The following is expected from the client when they have made an appointment for grooming/treatment.

Make sure your dog is well-exercised before bringing them to the salon. The treatment will take several hours, and it's unpleasant if the dog has to hold its needs for that long.

Always bring the dog on a leash.

Ensure the dog does not have a full stomach.

• Finally, your dog must be free of fleas. In the case of fleas disease, I reserve a right to cancel the appointment, taking 50% of the cost.